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Experience the extraordinary with Fug Jerky, a beef jerky like no other. 100% Beef! 


Made from the finest meat sourced from local farmers in Germany's Black Forest, each bite is a burst of authentic flavor. Say goodbye to additives and hello to a mouthwatering journey that's both delicious and natural.


Our commitment goes beyond taste – our packaging is stylish and 100% recyclable, aligning with our planet-friendly approach. With Fug Jerky, you're not only enjoying a snack, but you're also making a sustainable choice.


Crafted in collaboration with a skilled German butcher and our team's expertise, Fug Jerky is the result of a perfect partnership. Trust in our commitment to quality, flavor, and sustainability.

Fug Jerky

SKU: 1
  • Size: 25g
    Available Varieties: Teriyaki Style
    Nutrition Facts: 
    Energie/Energy 1098 KJ / 274,5 KJ (260 kcal / 65kcal)
    Fett/Fat 5,1 G / 1,3
    Davon gesättigte/of which saturates 2,6 g / 0.65
    Kohlehydrate/Carbs 3,7 g / 0.92
    davon Zucker/of which sugar 1,8 g / 0.45
    Eiweiß/Proteins 50 g / 12,5 Salz/salt 4,25 g / 1,1

  • Standard Shipping:
    We will send out orders in batches every Monday! Our shipments originate directly from Germany. International delivery is estimated to take about 6-12 days, while national delivery within the country should take around 3-5 days.

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